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We are dedicated to helping your business thrive by offering products that turn every outdoor activity into an unforgettable experience. Join us to equip your customers for every adventure with Borderline Outdoor.

Gear up uniquely, Adventure more.


Impressive Products

Offering top-quality goods catering to various needs, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Diverse Sales

Our products reach customers through retail stores, online platforms, B2B partnerships, secondary distributors, and innovative live streaming.

Toronto Origin

Originating in Toronto, our brand embodies urban sophistication and multicultural influence, reflecting diverse perspectives.

Renowned Brand Representation

We proudly represent well-known brands, showcasing their excellence through strategic partnerships and effective marketing strategies.

Brands We have

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Over 10,000 sqft Outdoor Collective Store—Recruitment in Progress

Borderline's pioneering snow sports experience store


Traditional Formats

Pioneering innovative concepts, redefining the retail experience for outdoor enthusiasts with dynamic offerings.



Beyond mere transactions, we provide holistic solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction from purchase to post-sale support.



More than a store, it's a community space fostering connections, where outdoor enthusiasts gather to share experiences and passions.

Cooperation Recruitment

Brand Collaboration, Offline Distribution, B2B Business Partnerships—please contact us for opportunities.

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