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Explore your border with borderline

Welcome to the Borderline Outdoor Club, where our shared passion for outdoor activities brings us together! Founded by a group of enthusiastic individuals in Toronto, our mission is to create a vibrant community that fosters connections, growth, and adventure.


Our mission is not only to equip you with the right gear but also to provide you with the confidence to tackle any slope. Every piece of equipment in our store is carefully selected to enhance your performance and comfort, ensuring that every run is an exhilarating adventure.



We are dedicated to helping your business thrive by offering products that turn every outdoor activity into an unforgettable experience. Join us to equip your customers for every adventure with Borderline Outdoor.

Snow School

Borderline Snow School offers professional ski and snowboard courses in Toronto, now expanding to Mountain Saint Louis, Blue Mountain, and Lakeridge. Our team includes highly skilled CASI/CSIA LV1 to LV3 instructors, some of whom also train new instructors. With our effective teaching system, we ensure the best learning experience. Join us and experience the joy of skiing and snowboarding!

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Immerse yourself in nature at our glamping site in Ocala Winery, nestled among rolling vineyards and scenic landscapes. Our accommodations blend comfort with adventure, offering luxury without sacrificing the connection to nature. Perfect for romantic getaways or fun adventures, stay tuned for more on this extraordinary experience.

Brands We have

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Cooperation Recruitment

Brand Collaboration, Offline Distribution, B2B Business Partnerships—please contact us for opportunities.

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Retail Store

1D76, King Square Shopping Centre, 1st Floor

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